Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Save Our Trees..!!!

Hello guyz today i am going to discuss about an important topic in today's world...-to save our tress.

Trees are the most precious, valuable, important and necessary for the existence of any living being on this earth. They provide us the most essential things to our life and makes our life live better. The main role of saving our trees is to provide us enrich oxygen.

Oxygen production, cleaning the ground soil, slowing the run-off water from high areas, proving us shade, giving cool breeze, fighting with the soil erosion are the few reasons why the trees are considered to be priceless for the nature. Trees represents life on earth, but there destruction of cutting trees is rising day by day. They should be protected at any cost in this era of urbanization and industrialization and global warming.

SAVE TREES  is not just a slogan to speak or to listen, it is a persona, which should be followed by all of us to save the existence of the nature for ourselves and for the upcoming generation.

In Today's world when everyone is one after another, trees are the only part of nature who live for the benefits of others. There is not a single game of trees which is not useful and let it be cut down. A trees has no single part of itself which is not useful, with their beautiful foliage, fragrant flowers, cool shadows, roots, barks, wood, sprouts,fruits they serve to us is useful. Everyone on this planet is dependent on these trees in any mean.

One can save our trees and environment by the following ways:-
1) Make some your efforts in joining the organizations of planting trees.
2) Give your valuable time to these trees and to the conservation projects.
3) Encourage our classmates, friends, parents, neighbors to save our nature too.
4) Teach the young ones to respect the trees and nature and be a part of them in planting the trees.
5) Plant at least one plant everyday, so they we can save our trees.

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