Monday, December 26, 2011

The Awesome Winters....

Hello Guyz Am back again with lots of excitement..........
The Sun in the cold winters.

It is the time of winters. As we all know that winter is the coldest season of the year in the Northern countries and in hilly areas. In the winters, the days usually becomes much short than the nights. As being the season of fewer day light, it is the best season for the vacations or the picnics.

The feeling of winter starts in the mid of November when little-little cool breeze begins to flow which indicates that this lovely season has been arrived. Winters result in cold and cold which is the greatest fun for the children because they have to sleep for long hours in their hot blankets. I, too, being the one type of lazy man which likes rather sleeping in my hot blankets than from coming out of the house and playing with my friends.

In India, winters usually starts from November till March which results in the coming of spring season. These days are very bright and full of excitement and joy. The best region to enjoy the winters are in the hilly areas of Northern India which are famous for their snowfall. The soft and soothing rays of the sun in the winters will get you a pleasant pleasure which makes you sleep as long as you sit under the rays of the sun. But someone times this pleasure is been dis-interrupted by the rains and the strong winds which were coming from West to East and they pass through the Northern India. Mainly we consider December and January as the most coldest months of the season because most of the snowfall falls in this interval of time. Someone due to excess of cold, the temperature may go down even 15 C. Even in some areas, the temperature might down to 0 C.

But the pleasant of this season is expressed by the visitors who came from far and far countries to enjoy the beauty of winters. Winters not only attracts the visitors to our country but which also bring  a variety of birds to enjoy this beautiful season. In the whole we can say that it is one of the best season of the year which brings happiness, joy , excitement to all the people.

I too love this weather and enjoy the company of my friends to be with them during these cold winters. If you like my post you can comment below...

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