Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chemistry in Our Everyday Life

Chemistry plays an important role in our everyday life. Since the beginning of this branch of science, it has been in the service of mankind. Our daily needs of food, clothing, shelter, potable water, medicines, etc. are in one or other manner connected with chemical compound, processes and principles. 

We always owe a debt to chemists for their important contributions for giving us life saving drugs, synthetic fibers, synthetic detergents, variety of cosmetics, preservatives for our food, fertilizers, pesticides, paper, glass, strength materials, plastics, beautiful paints,etc. There is no aspect of our life that is not affected by the developments in chemistry. In fact, chemistry is the single branch of science which profoundly influences the existence of human beings and the habitat. Thus, the mankind owes much to chemistry because it has improved the quality of life.

The chemical substances used for treatment of diseases and for reducing suffering from pain are called medicines or drugs. The term chemotherapy is used for the science in which suitable chemicals are used for the treatment of diseases. These chemicals have specific effect for destroying the invading organisms without injuring the cells of the body. In the ancient practices of treatment of diseases like Ayurvedic, the Unani systems or the modern allopathic system, the drugs used are chemical compounds of natural or synthetic origin.

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