Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Favourite Dish "Rajma Chawal"

Hiie  Guyz today em gona tell you about the favourite dish of mine...The Rajma Chawal...hm.....
It is one of the favourite dishes of mine and all the Indians. The Rajma Chawal is a dish which tastes like dish made by the hands of mother . My mother prepares Rajma Chawal every Sunday.

I am always waiting for sunday to come and my mom prepares Rajma chawal for me. My friends also like to eat  Rajma Chawal made by my mother. According to me if i can do, i cud make this dish the national dish of the country.
I hope you ALL like this post and i bet ur mouth's are watered now. so Then if u like my blog please comment on it!!!

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