Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bunking of class

Hello are you....
Today em going to tell you an interesting thing about my life.
"My Bunking In School" .

As Bunking the school is a very bad habit and once its get attached to a student, it does not comes out easily. I too say that bunking is a bad habit but i had also bunked many times.

As yet i have not bunked the school, but bunked my classes many times. Me and my frinds play a main role in bunking the classes. My friends including tarun, akshay, charak, bali,TMK,etc..and many other friends bunk atleast one class everyday.

Our Favourite class of bunking is 1st period.i.e of computer.
Haha....we just come out of the class and go to volleyball ground and play there whole period. We had a lot of fun in that period. Another mine best class of bunking is of chemistry in which we went to computer lab or to eat lunch. Concluding all we make our teachers to find where the students are??

We are having a lot of fun in our school and we are in the last year of this school. After this we gona definitely miss our school and bunking so a salute to this school and our school LIFE.

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