Saturday, December 10, 2011


A Family

Hello Guyz i would like to tell you about me and my family.

I am Abhimanyu Saini , a student in class 12th in Little Flower School. Now a days i am preparing for my entrance and 12th board examinations. After my examinations i am preparing to do software enginnering in computer science because i have a keen interest in this subject. I wish i could reach my aim as quickly as possible.

My Father's Name is Sh. Rakesh Kumar Saini. He is a lovely and understandable dad. I love my dad very much. He takes care of me in every case whether i am doing right or wrong. By getting good marks in my 12th board examinations i want to make my dad proud of me. Luv u dad.

My Mother's Name is Smt. Anju Saini. She is a good mother as well as a good friend of mine. She takes care of me a lot. She cooks great food for me and mine friends too like the food made by the hands of my mother. I luv my mom very much.

I have a sweet sister. Vasundhara Saini, she is in 7th. Quite notorius and talkative. I too love her very much.

So in the end i just want to say to my family that

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