Monday, February 6, 2012

The Book I Have Liked Most

I am a lover of books. Reading is my hobby. I have read good books. But the Ramayana is my favourite. It has been written by Valmiki. I read this book again and again. Yet i am not tired. The book has a beauty of its own.
The Ramayana is the story of Rama. Rama was the eldest son of King Dashratha. He was asked to go to the forest for fourteen years. He obeyed his father. Sita and Lakshmana also went with him. Sita was taken away by Ravana. Rama fought with Ravana. He killed him. He returned to Ayodhaya happily. He began to rule. All were happy in Rama-Rajya.

The Ramayana is a sacred book of Hindus. They read it every morning. Rama is workshipped. He is the hero of the book. He is a good son and a good husband too. Sita is an ideal wife. Lakshamana is an ideal brother. We learn much from this book. We know that goodness always wins.
The Ramayana is really a book of great moral value.  All should read this book. This can change our life. I am really proud of Ramayana.

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